Eu vejo dias melhores…

continuo com o mantra lá de baixo, e hj p complementar cantarolando Pete Murray, vamos lá, cante comigo!!

Better Days
Pete Murray

I saw it coming, I saw emptiness and tragedy I felt like running, so far away, but I knew I had to stay.
I know when I’m older, I’ll look back and I’ll still feel the pain but I know I’ll be stronger and I know I’ll be fine for the rest of my days.

I’ve seen Better Days,
Put my face in my hands
Get down on my knees and I pray to god
Hope he sees me through to the end.

I notice most things but I didn’t notice the change
It was hot in the morning, than it turned so cold towards the end of
the day.
There was no conversation, I just felt like I was in space
I needed my friends there,
I just turned around and they were gone without a trace,

Now I have just started and I won’t be done ‘til the end.
There is nothing I have lost that was once placed in the palm of my
and all of these hard times are fading around the bend.
Now that I’m older I cannot wait till i can help my friends


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